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Design To Brag About

We are always looking for fresh new design trends and features that will shine like a diamond.

Clean Modern Code

Our hardworking miners are not afraid of dust and sleepless nights so that you get an impeccable clean code.

Free Updates / Support

Work never ends, the conveyor belt never stops and filter machine finds what needs to be improved.

Simple Setup

Easy like a feather in the wind. Our themes are easy to install and simply out-of-the-box usable.

Easy To Modify

Create your own gemstone from the ore we found for you. We provide flexible themes that are easy to customize.

Wordpress Is Our Lifestyle

Day and night working in the dark, all with one goal, to harvest a clean and shining Wordpress gemstone.

Fast support if you're lost in a mine?

You will get answer even before you smoke pack of your cigarettes!

Open Your Ticket
on off

Hey dude, turn ON my light!

Miner Support
Miner Shadow
Mine Rocks Top
Mine Rocks Bottom

Hey bro, check out what others say about our diamonds!

Finally something new and fresh in a sea of same. I love these people.

Tim Albertson

Tim Albertson

I saw drafts of new projects and I can say that I am very impatient.

Massoud Amin

Massoud Amin

Fantastic design and Wordpress development of themes where everyone can find something for themselves.

Natasha Vukovic

Natasha Vukovic

They're not so dusty as they say :). Perfect communication and impeccable professionalism.

Alexandra Check

Alexandra Check
Mine Rocks Top

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